Active Code Panel its based on XtreamCode and can used together with xtreamcode or XtreamUI, support all levels and groups of resellers and active code and credits.

  • When you have CPU very High 100%. Check DDOS Attack, [*Reboot Server then Reload*].
    Check Loop-Back Streams (When you exchange streams with others and you use the same Stream)
  • Resellers Packges and Groups.
  • Edit any Reseller AND set Group to Use Credit System.
    When Reseller add Credit to his Sub-Reseller it will deduct/cut his credit.
  • Mass Encode/Delete Movies & Episodes.
  • Filter Movies/Episodes by Encode Type and Servers.
  • You can know each Movie/Episodes on it’s server.
  • Sort Bouquets by Mouse. Resellers and admins can Sort for codes/users/mag/e2
  • Disallow Resellers to add users with password. User+Password will be Auto Generated.
  • Added Reset Password for every User.
  • When you disallow reseller to set password, the reseller can use: Reset Password to Change passwords for his users.
  • Mass Edit Resellers – Beta.
  • Added Options for Reseller to : Set Password, Country, E2 , Change Codes MAC options … etc
  • Fix Transcoding Profiles.
  • Servers: Sort and Arrange Server.
  • Servers: Clean iptables firewall rules from Servers.
  • Servers: Update GeoIP database.
  • Sort Users & Online Users.
  • On Next update we will add TMDB and force use of Credit System, beta New Design.
    Active Code Panel
    Active Code Panel
    Active Code Panel
    Active Code Panel
    Active Code Panel
    Active Code Panel

    Active Code Panel
    Active Code Panel



Active Code Panel

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