IPTV Software

Stalker/Ministra installer (Total Purchased: 283)

* Implemented support for Ubuntu 18.04
* Implemented support for Ubuntu 20.04
* Last official Ministra 5.6.9
* Added Auto Upgrade Options from 5.6.x to 5.6.9
* Fix Problem GeoIP DB ( Thanks to Michael Kaprielian )

XtreamUI Portal Autoinstall (Total Purchased: 66)

* Last XtreamUI Version 22f Mod 39
* Removed all Backdoors
* Support Ubuntu 18
* Last ffmpeg git version

Ministra Portal 5.5.0 Full Decoded (Total Purchased: 2)

* Ministra Portal Full Decoded
* infomir
* Version 5.5.0
* Plain Code
* Licenses its not Nulled
* Only Decrypted

Ministra Portal 5.6.1 Full Nulled (Total Purchased: 25)

* Auto install 5.6.1
* Added Custom reseller options
* Full Licenses Nulled
* Using original Ministra Android TV /Phone/Tablet application without keys
* Support All Android Box
* Its Full Decoded

Flussonic Import/Export (Total Purchased: 2)

* Import streams from m3u playlist to Flussonic
* Export streams from Flussonic to m3u playlist
* Automate scripts
* Support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian

Ezserver Enterprise v4.2 (Total Purchased: 18)

IPTV Panel/Streamer Ezserver v4.2
Cracked for Linux
All function Working
No limits

Reseller IPTV Panel (Total Purchased: 24) 0 Available

Reseller WHMCS IPTV Billing Panel for Xtream UI
Reseller WHMCS IPTV Billing Panel has been developed for Xtream UI's resellers and it enables account creation, renewal, termination and more!
It brings the ability for resellers to manage services and billing automatically.

XtreamCodes V2 (Total Purchased: 71) 0 Available

Unlimited Streams & Users
Live Streams(+EPG) & VOD (Video On Demand) with load of options
Easy & powerful Transcoding System
Supporting All common streaming protocols (HTTP,RTMP,RTSP,RTP,UDP,MMS)
TV Archive & Timeshift
MAG Devices Support, Enigma2 Plugin, Androld & 1OS and others

XtreamCode 1.60 Ubuntu18 (Total Purchased: 37) 0 Available

Autoinstall script
XtreamCode 1.60
Removed all Backdoors
Patched Version 1.0rc
fixed a lot of errors
Implemented support for Ubuntu 18
Added new mag devices support
Fix bugs

XtreamCode 1.60 Ubuntu16 (Total Purchased: 6) 0 Available

Autoinstall script
XtreamCode 1.60
Removed all Backdoors
Patched Version 1.0rc
fixed a lot of errors
Implemented support for Ubuntu 16
Added new mag devices support
Fix bugs

Ant Media Server Enterprise 2.11 (Total Purchased: 31)

Ant Media Server is a streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. It can run on-premise or on-cloud.

IPTVPanel Ubuntu 20 (Total Purchased: 29)

* Implemented support for Ubuntu 20.04
* Added mag device support
* Fix bugs
* Remove backdoors
* Autoinstall

Streamity.tv Xtream version (Total Purchased: 28)

Streamity is an online webplayer. Watch IPTV Channels, movies TV series online on your browser, directly from your PC, phone or tablet, everywhere with no additional software required! Xtream Api support

YouTube Live Stream (Total Purchased: 22) 0 Available

Youtube Live Stream for xtreamui

Generate stream from xtreamui

This script has been modified a lot i have changed

IP Video Transcoding Live V5.12.3.4 (Total Purchased: 6)

Input from Local Media Files & Folders
Input from BlackMagic DeckLink and other DirectShow Compatible Capture Cards
Live TV Streaming with Time Shifting
Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (Multi-bitrate RTMP Stream Delivery)
Apple HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming new
Video Deinterlace / Crop / Pad / Sharpen / Blur / Overlay / Delogo
Intel Quick Sync Video Accelerated H.264 & HEVC Encoding new
NVIDIA NVENC Accelerated H.264 & HEVC Encoding new
24/7 Unattended Streaming with Auto Failure Recovery

Active Code Panel (Total Purchased: 8)

Check Loop-Back Streams
Resellers Packges and Groups.
Edit any Reseller AND set Group to Use Credit System.
When Reseller add Credit to his Sub-Reseller it will deduct/cut his credit.
Mass Encode/Delete Movies & Episodes.
Filter Movies/Episodes by Encode Type and Servers.
You can know each Movie/Episodes on it's server.
Sort Bouquets by Mouse. Resellers and admins can Sort for codes/users/mag/e2
Disallow Resellers to add users with password. User+Password will be Auto Generated.
Added Reset Password for every User.