IPTV/Transcoding/DVB Server setup service

Do you need exclusive consulting and setup service to start your own IPTV Business ?

I will consult you to find:

  • the correct hardware (if you want to transcode and encode channels by yourself)
  • the correct dedicated server for your requirements
  • reliable channel source

Important Note:
Consulting doesn’t mean a training course for absolute beginners who have absolutely no knowledge of the IPTV business.

Setup and configuration:

  • IPTV Panel
  • IPTV Transcoding Server
  • GPU driver installation and patching (to bypass the encoder limits)
  • DVB-S Server (Encode your DVB-S Channels to IPTV)
  • Business Sales Page with (based on WHMCS)
    – frontpage (without custom design)
    – order and payment processing
  • Automated processing for
    – order
    – client account creation
    – suspension
    – termination

    IPTV/Transcoding/DVB Server setup service
    IPTV/Transcoding/DVB Server setup service

Important Note:

  • You are purchaing a ALL-IN-ONE service
  • All the above listed services are included
  • The IPTV panel is free
  • Additional software which is may required for transcoding and DVB-S encoding
    can be made available at low cost


However for proper project planning a few things must be clarified in advance

Number, resolution and quality of live channels

  • number of live channels (how much of dem live and how mutch of them “on demand”)
  • estimated resolution (how much of dem “HD”and how mutch of them “FullHD”)
  • estimated Bit rate (estimated bit rate per channels)

Number, resolution quality, size and video format of the planned VOD’s

  • number of VOD Files
  • estimated resolution
  • estimated Bit rate
  • VOD files must already be in the supported video format, or they habe to be firstly transcod into the supported format

The most important and big question is:
Do you want to provide the live channel and vod resources for yourself or do you want to outsource it from a third party IPTV service provider?

Pros and Cons of own production/distribution of your sources

Pros are:

  • Total independence (You are not affected if the third party IPTV service provider has a system failure)
  • You can decide for yourself about your content
  • You can decide for yourself on the quality of the content (resolution and Bit rate)
  • You can resell source streams in raw format (extra income)

Cons are:

  • High Hardware and equipment costs (network switches, cables, decoders, encoders)
  • Depending on whether PayTV is to be offered, PayTV subscriptions are required (extra fees)
  • If DVB-S (channels from satellite) channels are desired broadcast, the
    – desired stations must be receivable from the location
    – appropriate satellite dish system
    – DVB-S PC encoder cards must be available (or to be purchased)
  • If the channels should be broadcast from satellite receivers or other decoders via an HDMI output, appropriate PC HDMI encoders cards or standalone encoder devices must be available (or to be purchased)
  • Stable Internet connection with high upload bandwidth (depending on the calculated total bandwidth required) > (data center is recommended, it might also be possible from home if there is a suitable exhibition facility, cooling of the equipment and a stable internet connection with high bandwidth available)
  • the appropriate administrative know-how is required to manage the hole system (or an IPTV admin must be employ to manage the system)

Pros and Cons of outsourcing the content from third party IPTV Providers

Pros are:

  • No administrative know-how required to setup and manage the IPTV system (You only need to manage your IPTV admin panel)
  • Channels come ready to use, you have to deal with the painstaking work of creating channels
  • You DON’T need make any investment for the equipment, hardware, software, PayTV abos
  • lower monthly costs
  • You can bunch together sources from different countries and languages and offer international IPTV packages for sale

Cons are:

  • On a service failure, it will be affected also to you too
  • IPTV service providers often sell restreams from many different external IPTV service providers (don’t have own local)
  • You are bound to the quality of the IPTV service provider
  • It is usually difficult to find service providers with their own local stable streams


IPTV/Transcoding/DVB Server setup service


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