Chrome CDM Decryptor

Chrome CDM Decryptor What the hell is this?

• This is a widevine L3 decryptor/guesser like extension. This extension can display widevine decryption keys of any DRM video you watch, instantly, as soon as you play the video! The keys will be shown in-front of your screen!

How does this work?

• This works exactly as how widevine L3 decryptor worked. The only difference is this uses my API in the backend!

Will this work for all sites?

• This will work for almost all sites except for the sites where eme logger functions does not work through extensions. (Which is vary rare!)

I will post some screenshots below which will show how this works on some main sites. ✨

An update to the chrome extension is available now!

What’s New? 🔥

🔰 Now the extension will work with 99.99% DRM sites, which uses widevine and playable inside the browser!

• Previously the extension was not able to capture the needed values and display content keys of some sites like VdoCipher/Astro GO/Sling TV/Zattoo etc. With this update, now you will be able to get keys from any of them.

• Even I had previously said that the error with hotstar has been fixed, the extension seemed to be giving incorrect keys with some titles. (Specifically with titles which uses the pssh “AAAALnBzc2gAAAAA7e+LqXnWSs6jyCfc1R0h7QAAAA4IARABGgNoZXMiA2hlcw==” Example: Peter Pan and Wendy) With this update it will be solved and you will now be able get correct keys for them.

🔰 Fixed some bugs.

• With the last update, there seemed to be some bugs on capturing stream urls on some sites. The known bugs are fixed now.

🔰 Added device limits and ip limits and rate limits.

• From now on, you will be able to add the extension only on 3 devices. Also you will not be able to use the extension with more than 3 ip addresses per hour. (It means you can only change your ip address 3 times inside an hour) In the past I gave the extension without any of these limits as you know but it is not possible now since there seems to be many resellers and abusers/leakers of the extension. However I hope this will not bother a legit paid user. If you are bothering about the rate limit, it is currently 10 requests per minute so again I think it would be sufficient for any single user.

• Although if you have a strange need like changing the ip more than 3 times per hour, you can always message me and explain the reasons and I will allow you more than 3 ip addresses per hour. Also if your device limit was somehow reached to 3, you can message me and I will increase the limit if your reason is reasonable.


Chrome CDM Decryptor
Chrome CDM Decryptor

Chrome CDM Decryptor

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