Best MultiCS Panel is a commercial application that enables you to manage your MultiCS Server(s) easily.

Best MultiCS Panel supports expire date of the lines and it will remove them from your config when they expire

Best MultiCS Panel is a powerful smart solution for Manage your clients and your Servers .


  • Add unlimited MultiCS + OSCam
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible whit PHP 7.1 versions
  • No VPS required
  • Auto-Backup sensed to email
  • Added user groups whit permission
  • Chat support online
  • Support tickets
  • Files generated automatically (oscam.server,CCcam.cfg,newcamd.cfg,mgcamd.cfg)
  • 100% secured your Servers
  • Functions ( edit-block/unblock -delete/recovery )servers
  • Notification email user expiry in period day
  • channels info in home page & flags users country
  • Resellers can added sub-resellers and transfer credits from resellers to sub-resellers
  • Get external info for oscam server and multics
  • Add/Edit/Remove Lines with expire date support
  • 3 Emulators Are Supported (CCcam, MgCamd, NewCamd)
  • Lines Offline/Online status. You can see who is online
  • You can create test line & official line packages for your users with many options
  • Groups Support. You can create different groups for your users and you can assign
  • line packages to specified groups only.
  • Admins have a small monitor inside their panel in which they can see who is resharing.
  • Ticket Support. Users can comminucate with you using tickets and you can respond to tickets from your admin panel.
  • phpMailer Support. You can add your own external email like yahoo,gmail etc for mail sending.

Best MultiCS Panel
Best MultiCS Panel

Recommended system requirements for operation: ]

-Shared  WordPress hosting
-RAM: Minimum recommended 2GB
-Cpu: Minimum recommended 2 CPU
-PHP: All higher versions since 7.2
Ubuntu: All higher versions since 16.04

Download: Best MultiCS Panel


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