Ministra / Stalker Portal Infomir

Ministra 5.6.8 Nulled (Total Purchased: 17)

* Ministra 5.6.8 Added MAG524, MAG520, MAG522
* Ministra 5.6.8 Added TVIP all Box
* Ministra 5.6.8 Added Dreambox
* Ministra 5.6.8 Added Formuler
* Ministra 5.6.8 Full Decoded
* Ministra 5.6.8 Licens Server Nulled

Ministra 5.6.1 Nulled MAG5xx Patch (Total Purchased: 30)

* Ministra 5.6.1 Added MAG524, MAG520, MAG522
* Ministra 5.6.1 Added TVIP all Box
* Ministra 5.6.1 Added Dreambox
* Ministra 5.6.1 Added Formuler
* Ministra 5.6.1 Full Decoded
* Ministra 5.6.1 Licens Server Nulled

Ministra Portal 5.6.1 Full Nulled (Total Purchased: 27)

* Auto install 5.6.1
* Added Custom reseller options
* Full Licenses Nulled
* Using original Ministra Android TV /Phone/Tablet application without keys
* Support All Android Box
* Its Full Decoded

Ministra 5.6.6 Full Decode (Total Purchased: 2)

* Ministra Portal Full Decoded
* infomir
* Version 5.6.6
* Plain Code
* Licenses its not Nulled
* Only Decrypted / Decoded

Ministra Portal 5.5.0 Full Decoded (Total Purchased: 8)

* Ministra Portal Full Decoded
* infomir
* Version 5.5.5
* Plain Code
* Licenses its not Nulled
* Only Decrypted / Decoded

Ministra VOD Import (Total Purchased: 5)

This is Ministra Mass VOD import script from playlist file
* Auto install Script
* Support Ministra 5.6.6
* Auto TMDB fill

Admin/Reseller Panel (Total Purchased: 10)

* Admin panel
* Reseller Panel
* Tarrif Plans
* Requested Credits
* Easy Install

Stalker/Ministra installer (Total Purchased: 36)

* Implemented support for Ubuntu 18.04
* Implemented support for Ubuntu 20.04
* Last official Ministra 5.6.9
* Added Auto Upgrade Options from 5.6.x to 5.6.9
* Fix Problem GeoIP DB ( Thanks to Michael Kaprielian )

IPTV Billing Panel MBill (Total Purchased: 5) 0 Available

Billing IPTV it is a powerful intelligent solution for redistributing IPTV channels through Flussonic, Astra, Stalker/Ministra Portal, Nice-Panel.

  • You can add as many subscription you need. You can put channels in one or more subscriptions, and you can set a price for subscription. The subscriptions will be assigned to each device, so you can control what channels has the user right to view. Packages for your customers
WHMCS Stalker Reseller Panel (Total Purchased: 0)

Add users, resellers, and super resellers from admin area.
Create packages for users.
Create packages for resellers and assign them
Create packages for super-reseller and assigned them.
Create, disable, enable and terminate users, resellers and super resellers and their services.
Add the credits to resellers and super resellers while adding them.
Set up each and everything that is required to run the IPTV Business smoothly.
View/Search the user under any reseller.